Bamboo Flooring Installation For Basement

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The application of technology to bio products has been successful in bringing around some very useful properties to some of the most conventional materials used for building houses. Bamboo flooring is one such development that has improved the quality of bamboo used for such applications.

While giving beautiful natural look to the floors, bamboo flooring is stable, durable and affordable too. A feature of great help here is that bamboo takes just about five years before it can be used flooring, whereas trees take a few decades to be worthy of such applications.

Should you be contemplating the installation of a bamboo floor in your basement, you would do well to get some information on the subject and prepare yourself with the techniques you will need to do the job successfully.

The installation of bamboo flooring is comparable to the installation of any other hardwood floor, needing the same precautions and almost the same procedure. You’ll need to provide padding under the floor and then snap the planks into place one by one, for a floating bamboo floor you have to follow these essential practices of laying a floating floor. Similarly hard wood floor has to be properly secured to the floor by making use of a suitable adhesive. In either case the surface should be in level, clean and free of moisture. Improper leveling causes the floors to squeak or bow over a short span of use.

The most important precaution you need to take while using any kind of wood for lying of floor is that the surface to be laid must be absolutely dry. Else, wood will absorb the moisture content, that’s its natural characteristic and begin to rot. And, once the process of rotting gets started you may not even come to know of it till you realize that you need to replace the whole thing. Installation of a bamboo floor is not all that technical and you should be able to do it on your own as long as you are able to devote time to it and take simple precautions. Unless you have that inclination to do it yourself, it’s best entrusted to a professional and avoid the embarrassment subsequently. There are many professional ready to undertake the job for you.

Now, here’s the commercial aspect of it. There are sores which apart from supplying the materials will also undertake the installation. Some may even do it free of charges while others do ask for additional charges to be paid. It may be worthwhile to make enquiries from a few suppliers before you take a final decision. Logically speaking it should help to deal with one man for supply and installation.

There is no dearth of professional services available for doing the job, nor is there any problem in getting the needed material for doing the project off your own. Your personal preferences and attitude decide the matter.

There is no hurry, take your time to decide how you want go ahead with the installation, but do take the needed care to ensure that you have a beautiful floor all the same.


Rob J. Nolin said...

Could you post a segment on recomendations for doing a floating floor? Steps like providing a vapor barrier, insulating, providing sturdy base to lay plywood down on. That would be awsome! I think I am interested in doing a bamboo floor and it would be nice to get the flooring off the concrete to help retain some warmth as well as keep out mosture.

bamboo laminate said...

Thanks to the advancements in technology, manufacturers are now turning bamboo stalks into high quality ultra smooth flooring.

Bamboo Flooring said...

Great installation work you have mentioned here in your blog.Good post,helpful for homemakers while decorating their home.

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