Engineered Bamboo Flooring For Your Kitchen

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Compared to tile or hardwood flooring, engineered bamboo flooring makes a beautiful, durable, eco friendly and cost effective option. When thinking of ideas for remodeling your kitchen within a tight budget it makes sense to have bamboo flooring for these five good reasons:

Advantages of Bamboo Flooring in Kitchen Remodeling

engineered bamboo flooring

* Eco-friendliness: The bamboo generally employed for flooring grows very fast. Some varieties used for the purpose of flooring can grow as fast as four feet in a matter of twenty-four hours. When you cut the bamboo plant for being used as flooring, it’s from above the roots of the plant, thus allowing a new plant to grow in place of the old one. Compare these features to any hardwood plant like cherry or oak that takes decades to get matured. Harvesting of hardwood tree means you are killing it and then waiting for the next two decades for a new tree to get matured.

* Durability: Bamboo employed for flooring is exceptionally hard and long-lasting. Its hardness is comparable and at times more than that of oak. Characteristically, the non-carbonized, lighter bamboo flooring colors are longer lasting because the bamboo fibers are not subjected to too harsh a processing. Generally, it’s better to be using the lighter beech or blonde colored bamboo for floors that are likely to face high traffic or those floors that are likely to get spoiled due sliding or shifting of furniture or falling of heavy objects.

* Installation Options: Engineered bamboo flooring is especially adaptable. Installation of floating bamboo flooring with interlocking is very quick and needs no special glue or nails. It will be a very logical option to install a floating floor on top of an existing floor material of the kind of vinyl, which is cumbersome and expensive to dismantle, because the new floor can just be fixed on top of the existing one. Another benefit of having a floating installation is that in the event of the floor getting damaged due water or any impact, the damaged portion can be removed and repaired quite easily. Though all fresh flooring materials should be installed on as leveled a surface as possible to get excellent results, floating engineered bamboo fixed on top of a quality subfloor can to a good extent bear many flaws of the subfloor.

* Beauty: Bamboo floors come in a variety of colors with rich textures and tones. Carbonized bamboo looks quite like knotty pine or antique oak. Lighter finishes give a clean and smart look that goes very well with modern kitchens. If you like to have a more rustic look, go for darker hand scraped finishes.

* Affordability: If you spend time surveying the market for flooring materials you will realize that the prices of bamboo flooring are quite comparable and at times lower than hardwood and tile floorings. Moreover, installation costs, especially in case of floating bamboo flooring are lower.

bamboo floors kitchen

Ideas to Consider with Engineered Bamboo Flooring

There is no such thing as “a perfect floor’, but bamboo flooring has characteristically excellent quality due the way it’s manufactured. The wearing surface of bamboo is matched with a layer of wood, generally pine or some something equivalent, thus making the product durable and convenient to work upon.
You should be extra careful of the thickness of the top layer of bamboo. Higher thickness gives more durable floor. Areas of homes with high moisture content that damages the flooring should better be installed with solid bamboo flooring rather than engineered bamboo.

Bamboo Flooring Installation

For any DIY enthusiast, installation of bamboo floor is quite an easy project. However, it is good to rely upon the services of a professional installer in case of rooms with difficult angles and curves. Though it may work out to be more expensive, but the results are appreciable. Here’s a useful tip: Looking for a good installer is facilitated if you consult some realtors in your areas, especially the ones who undertake renovation of homes or those with clients who regularly get their homes renovated.

Versatile, Inexpensive Bamboo Flooring

Versatile and reasonably priced, bamboo flooring is a stylish option for making your kitchen or any other room a beautifully warm and welcoming place.


Double Glazing Tamworth said...

The bamboo flooring is ecologically friendly. It is actually the threat of deforestation that has forced many to resort to eco friendly measures. Trees that are being felled for their wood, take decades to replace. Bamboo on the other hand, grows much faster, it is believed to be the fastest growing plant on earth.

Pisos e revestimentos de bambu said...

In an age of ever-growing concern over depletion of natural resources, especially of hardwood forests, the trend toward bamboo flooring could not be timelier.

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