Best Solutions For Cold Basement

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Did you ever experience keeping your feet down on an icy cold basement? If you are using your basement, you necessarily have to make arrangement for keeping your basement warm and avoid that icy feeling. There are many ways that help you keep the basement warm. Here are some of the popular options, enabling you to choose one that best suits the type of flooring you may have.

Install Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is considered to be the best for basement floor heating. It’s as comfortable as if sitting on a warm seat of your car! This kind of heating heats the floor itself. In this case the tubing containing hot air or water is installed beneath the basement floor or at the back of wall panels. Heat is transferred from the heated tubes to the floor which gets heated in turn.

As all the heating arrangement is beneath the floor it’s not visible. If you decide to go for this kind of heating, keep in mind that it uses water which could harm your wooden floor. So you need to be careful of the kind of floor you choose for this kind of heating. Normal wood flooring may not be very desirable, though laminate wood flooring should be fine. You can search the web and look for other suitable materials.

Laying A Subfloor

The next option for keeping basement floor warm is to have carpeting. If you want this system to be really effective this is the way to proceed. First of all you need to have polystyrene sheet of 1 to 1.5 inch thickness on the concrete basement floor. Next, you cover it with plywood of 0.5 inch thickness. This will need to be fastened with screws through the predrilled holes. Now, you can cover it with a basement flooring of your choice that will keep the basement warm.

As you can guess this arrangement will add to the height of the floor by a couple of inches. If that’s an issue with you, you have to look for an alternate way of sub flooring which may not be as simple as the earlier ones but will add to the height of the floor by just about one inch. That involves using wafer boards glued to a layer of rubber to keep moisture away if it were there. So, you have a lot of options for selecting basement flooring to keep it warm.

Some Other Options

Other than the already mentioned, you still have many other options for keeping the basement warm. If the basement is large you can consider heavy duty electric heater, whereas for smaller area a propane heater will solve the purpose. You can also install a fireplace. Other options would include ceramic heaters and baseboard heaters. It all depends upon the area to be heated and how much your budget is for the purpose. It pays to do your research and take the opinion of an expert.

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